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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good morning, thank you for joining us. >> did you notice something new? we have a camera showing the left, the new bay bridge and on the right, the old bridge that will be closed off tonight and make your commute more complicated. >> in 15 hours the closure begins and we will transition to the new one. we will talk more about that. we want to check in on the weather this morning driving across the bay bridge you may find some mist. mike? >> that is a view that looks cleaner than when i came across with clouds have low. right now everything is question it as far as rain on live
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doppler 7 hd and you will find it rather moist this morning as the marine layer is compressed to 1,000' with more moisture in a smaller place is the afternoon, though, we will have sunshine by noon and it will be coolest at the coast where we will have the cloud cover and 62 and mainly sunny downtown san francisco 66 and around the bay, 70 to 88 and inland from 80 in the north bay to 89 in the east bay develop. how is the morning commute? >> the countdown begins. at 8:00 the bridge will close and it will re-open on tuesday at 5:00 a.m. so everyone has plan "b" in affect and you can make it over to the peninsula or san francisco in good time. we have construction that could slow you down this morning as we take you to san jose traveling look southbound 880 to 280 we have a couple of lanes blocked
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until 6:00 this morning and the rest of san jose we can see everything is moving at top speeds and the altamont pass is loading up with heavy traffic and bumper to bumper. >> a new development in a fair that set a fairfield neighborhood into chaos with the number of homes damaged jumping from 5- to 15-per. katie marzullo is in failed with more. >> this is very much a, working fire. if you look at this home you can see construction crews are, working to board this to tape it off to get it down after the fire and further down the street. fire crews still on the scene putting out hotspots and they say they found smoke in an attic two hours ago. the fire chief says that right
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now five homes are uninhabitable and two, possibly three, are destroyed and ten more are damaged. that is a total of 15 homes damaged or destroyed by the fire. the fire started as a grass fire along i-80 yesterday afternoon. at the time we were on the scene and talked with homeowners who watched their houses go up in flames. >> the tree in the middle went up like a candle and it threw everyone on the roof, a roof is on fire, the fence is on fire and nothing we could do. >> this was a 7-alarm fire, 200 firefighters were working the fire and came from fair away including contra costa and cal fire, and know small. crews are on the scene mopping up and continuing to assess the damage and a firefighter may have suffered a shoulder
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of the initial grass fire. we appreciate pictures we have signed from you of the fairfield fire and here is a photo from a viewer giving a good ground view of the fire and another showing the fire as it spread from grass to homes and starting to do the most serious damage. >> the final morning commute on the only bay bridge the bay area has known since 1936 and all systems are "go" for the shutdown that ends with the opening of a new span. matt keller is at the toll plaza with the last-minute prep work. >> a lot of people are feeling good because traffic is light at the toll plaza but the c.h.p. will run traffic breaks on his 80 starting at 7:00 and the entire bridge will be shut down to all vehicles at 8:00.
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caltran says it appears the work is ready to be done during the closure and experts say the new section will be safer, earthquake resistant and have a shoulder for drives to pull on to. many people are feeling nostalgic. >> people thing of it as the ugly brother the golden gate bridge but it is so were larger and... >> i will miss it. my first job i crossed the bridge and my first car accident. the old span will take three years to demolish. the bay bridge shuts down tonight at 8:00. there is a possibility it could re-open early but caltran says don't count on it. at 5:30 we will tell you how public transportation officials are preparing. >> we will talk about that despite the closures, commuters
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can cross the bay with public transportation, ferries will carry 15 percent more passengers than usual. bart will likely shoulder the biggest load and expecting 280,000 riders who usually drive the bridge. bart will add extra cars but advise riders to consider when they travel and is encouraging people to avoid the times of 8:00 am and 5 to 5:30 at night. need to get around at there are details on transit alternatives. check out our abc7 news traffic app to see where the worst bottlenecks are. san mateo and richmond-san rafael and golden gate bridge will be busier and we notify you on twitter@abcnewsbayarea when the bay bridge opens. >> the city of san jose will
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consider a ban on the sale of sugary drinks at city-owned properties including all cities and many sports drinks and juice drinks with added sweetner and milk with more than 2 percent fat. this is to help fight childhood obesity. the city council has approved a ban on styrofoam food contains from restaurants to improve water quality and local streams and the bay because styrofoam takes hundreds of years to decompose the law is an unnecessary burden on local businesses. restaurants that make under $300,000 a year are exempt from the ordinance which takes effect in january. >> on the peninsula the palo alto parks and recreation commission voted to support an ordinance that makes it illegal to feed animals in parks. the duck pond and the palo alto bay lands nature preserve will
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be off limits. officials say feeding wildlife is doing more harm than good causing health problems and impacting water quality. the proposal must still be approved by palo alto city council officials. >> as mike pointed out, new brick, same fog. >> exactly, whether is not going to change and it will be broader than the old bridge and it will be nice to see fully illuminated. in the north bay we have thick fog around napa and santa rosa. our temperatures are in the mid-to-upper 50's with exceptions such as san rafael at 60. mill valley at 52 degrees, a cool spot. san ramon is 60. san carlos and redwood city are the warmer spots at 61 and san carlos is 62 and 58 in richmond with 59 in lafayette. from mount tamalpais you can see
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it bouncing an and winds are gusting up to 25 miles per hour as we look at sausalito with a few clouds this morning and most of you are clouds or concentrated on the coast and the bayshore to the south of san francisco where we will find a lot mist. 52 to 61. headed to none we have 62 at the coast and 78 inland and cooler today by a few degrees and 64 at the coast to 86 inland, and temperatures tomorrow are the same and a quick bump, brief bump, on friday and the cooling begins on saturday and it is coolest on sunday and monday. leyla gulen has the commute. >> good morning, we have a full highway closure along highway 116 because of a downed power line. there is in estimated time of re-opening so folks who are living in the yeah are expected to be in this area and are advised to either avoid it or find detours so give yourself extra time and you will notice that this area is shaded in orange and that is indicating
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where fog is affecting the commute. our traffic westbound along highway four, 34 minutes a quick drive along i-80 to the maze at 15 minutes and 87 northbound from 85 to the san jose airport under ten minutes. and the toll plaza is going to be clear coming from emeryville to treasure island. >> it is now 5:10. the crisis this syria could hit you in the pocketbook. >> the hacker attack that has taken down the most used websites in the united states. >> also, celebrating the beginning of a dream: live in washington, dc, making a milestone in the fight for civi
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>> covering novato,," sunnyvale and all bay area this is abc7 news. >> today is the 50th anniversary of a watershed moment in our in addition's history. in 1963 a march and a speech by dr. martin luther king jr. led to a quantum leap in civil rights. we are joined from the lincoln memorial in washington, dc, with dead's commemoration. >> today is about the past and the fight. thousands will come here to
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honor the freedom marchers who stood at the very spot 50 years ago today and will hear a message of the future and hope from the nation's first black president, president obama. >> 50 years ago today, they poured into washington, by the bus loads, a march of tens of thousands, black and white, to the monument of the president would freed the slaves. their signs and voices demanding racial equality. today a celebration of progress at the lincoln memorial and a call to action on new challenges, three american presidents: jimmy carter, bill clinton and barack obama speak from the same steps where dr. martin luther king jr. delivered the historic speech. organizers expect thousands to turnout to show that dr. king's dream still lives on. a day will begin with prayer at
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the shiloh baptist church. >> we were behind where dr. king's shoulder is, we were close enough to be able to hear all the speeches. >> lynn was just 16 when she attended the 1963 march on washington, dc, and hopes today's speeches inspire younger generations to keep fighting for justice. >> what is disturbing is to see that even with the black president we still have a long way to go. >> congressman john lewis a young student agoer and a line still resonates. >> "let freedom ring." people across america if their hearts believe freedom should ring for everyone. >> this afternoon, bells from church towers this washington to government buildings an the world will ring in honor of the famous phrase "let freedom
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read." >> thank you very much. stay with abc7 news and we have continuing cork on the march on washington the 50th anniversary when president obama speaks from the steps today of the memorial we will carry a special report expected some time after our 11 a.m. news and you can get updates throughout the day on twitter@abcnewsbayarea. >> 5:16. "new york times" website is down a hacker group calls itself the syrian electronic army is claiming responsibility and when trying to access the website you get a message saying it cannot be found. the times sent out this tweet saying it is able to send out digital reports and the app is not affected and is still working. this is the second time this month the cite has been down and the first was because of server problems. >> energy prices are jumping as investors watch what is happening in the middle east. here is this only's bloomberg business report.
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>> good morning. rising tension over syria resulting in rising energy prices here in the united states and west next crude rose to an 18 month high and crude oil futures are higher this morning on concern over a possible disruption in supply. in six weeks the united states, france, and britain move closer to a military strike. concern of possible military action against syria also hits stocks hard yesterday. the pressure is on oil giant exxonmobil to start offering health benefits to same-sex marriage and the healthy school launches the government is backing in the associated press says that some schools around the country are dropping out of the federal program and complaining that is many students are turning up their nose at the meals with whole grains and fruits and vegetables that the cafeterias are losing money. that is the news from the new york stock exchange with the bloomberg business report. >> time for a look at the weather forecast. checking out the clouds which
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are over the bay bridge. about and there is water vapor in the area with the marine layer down to 1,000'. until then, half mile santa rosa and napa at three quarter of a mile at half moon bay and everyone else has low ceiling but no fog. and hardly able to see the top of the embarcadero center or even the bay bridge. as we are a mile or 1 1/2 miles away from that. sunny by noon is the forecast and cooler today and mild through friday and cooler air mass, a stronger sea breeze will come in through the holiday week. well start in the south bay upper 70's in sunnyvale and
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milpitas and santa clara and everyone else in the low-to-mid 80's until you get to morgan hill and gilroy and upper 80's. and mid-to-upper 70's a delightful day on the peninsula and 79 and 64 today in half moon bay and sunset is another warm time, and 70 in sausalito and you will jump ten degrees and 80 in san rafael and hanging in the low-to-mid 80's through the north bay valley and 20 degrees cooler at the beaches. 70 at richmond and 74 in san lenadro and castro valley is 76. temperatures close to average in those neighborhoods and we will have mid-to-upper 80's through the east bay valley and the car thermometer to antioch and oakland could touch 90. temperatures tonight are in the 50 to near 60 and the cloud cover will be a limit more extensive but the moisture content could be down. weak cold front is trying to bring in a new air mass so a
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light cool push and it looks like the next system is going to head to the north and that is why we have a slight warming trend on friday and, then, a stronger system is coming in and sunday and monday well below average those two days. leyla gulen? >> we have construction there in the east bay and this is going to last until 7:00 and it is along 580 in the eastbound direction from i-80 to san pablo road with construction all along this area through emeryville on the bay bridge because of the re-opening of the new span that is going to happen next week so be aware of that and it could cause delay headed in the eastbound direction. we are seeing a slight tap on the brakes approaching broadway but other than that, you are in good shape. 580 from tracy to dublin, at 30 minutes and highway 4, almost half an hour, and 101 is looking clear and san rafael into san francisco, and this is 9 friend offer the next several days to make your way from the east to
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the west and that track, the tail lights are pushing westbound to the high-rise to foster city looking clear. >> thank you, leyla gulen. >> seven things to know as you start your day and you will see what happens when a bull goes on the loose. >> a woman would could be the world's oldest person. ever. ever. what she is still doing to be over a thousand styles hundreds of fits dozens of washes and one very happy you sears has the brands you love. so you found a few. yeah, a few. and only at sears, do shop your way members... get $5 back in points with their jeans purchase. this is the jean scene. this is sears. there are lots of jamie"jamies" out there,... huh? but that doesn't mean we're all the same. just like greek yogurts.
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>> whether you are just joining us or headed out the door, number one, a major development this morning in the 7-alarm fire in fairfield and officials now say at least 15 homes are damaged or destroyed from this fire along i-80.
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firefighters are still there looking for hotspots and there have been a couple of fair -- flareups and we will have another update at the top of the hour. >> today is the last day to drive the old bay bridge and crews can do the final work on the span. at 7:00, c.h.p. will roll traffic breaks on approaches in san francisco and oakland and start closing on-ramps. the brick will re-open no later the next tuesday morning. >> two more access roads in yosemite national park will close because of the fire. the close uses are expected to limit access through the labor day weekend during the business of the times of the year normally. the fire has grown to 184,000 acres and only 20 percent contained. >> at top of the hour, ceremonies begin in the capitol to mark an important moment in our history. today is the 50th anniversary of dr. martin luther king's i have a dream speech and president obama and jimmy carter and bill clinton will address
5:25 am
the crowd. >> the state senate maps to present its own proposal today to reduce evercrowding in california prisons the next two years. the governor proposed a new $300 million plan to move inmates that would help the state comply with a federal court order. >> check out the low ceiling, you cannot see the top of either eastern span. we have fog, mist, and cooler weather on the way. but cooler this holiday week. >> a look to the new span of the bay bridge on the right side with traffic moving smoothly although we have a full highway closure. moretys coming up. >> china could be home to the oldest person ever.
5:26 am
she is 127 born in the year 1886. she says she is still healthy enough to take care of herself and manages to do daily chores like feeding the chickens. she is not officially the world's oldest because her age has not been validated by an international body but if it is verified she would beat the current record holder, a french woman, would lived to be 122. >> amazing! >> they have the running of the bulls in spain and here is what happens when one is on the run. a run away bull is charging a line of cars in central spain and the bull escaped from the enclosure at a festival and a man tried to steer it away with a flag but that did not stop
5:27 am
another charge. the bull repeatedly rammed the car until a horn smashed through a side window. the animal backed off and a person suffered minor injuries. >> and it was not even a red car. >> if it was red, they who is driven it out of the way. >> that is a lot of "bull." we continue with the top stories just ahead including video showing a deadly police shooting in contra costa county as it happened. >> smartphone app to help you avoid traffic tieups.
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7
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news. >> good morning on this wednesday at 5:29. thank you for joining us. >> you see that? that part of the bridge stays but later on tonight, the old part of the eastern span goes away and it closes down entire entirely. >> you do not need to feel too bad because one as expects remains the same. that is what, mike? >> mist and drizzle and fog. >> it will be there, no matter which bridge you are on, the ebb and flow of the low clouds and much of us have a super low ceiling with the marine layer down to 1,000' which is why there is so much moisture in the air with high humidity. in the afternoon, sunshine, a slight dip in temperatures and 80 to 89 in the not bay and 70 to 80 around the bay and 62 at the coast and 66 in downtown san
5:31 am
francisco. >> we are seeing lots of traffic over the altamont pass if you make it into livermore from tracy that is where we will see solid brake lights in the westbound direction so 25 miles per hour is the top speed as you leave 205 and then it eases up and speeds will pick up but it will be a slow drive from there. over the santa cruz mountains north bound highway 17 between summit and this area the lanes are blocked into los gatos and it clears into san jose. >> 14 hours and counting until the bay bridge completely shuts down and everyone is on track for the five day closure so the new eastern span can be connect ed. matt keller is at the bay bridge toll plaza with a preview. >> we are 14 1/2 hours away from the bay bridge closing for five days, so, how do you get to the east bay or to san francisco? you can take some of the area
5:32 am
briggs but those are expected to be congested and often out of the way and bart will run 24 hours a day with trains on an hourly schedule serving 14 stations and adding longer trains to accommodate the increase in passengers and a.c. transit will deliver the passengers to four bart stations in the east bay. >> it is simple, obviously our service is predicated on having a bridge and we do not have a bridge we will not have much service. >> the san francisco bay ferry saw ridership triple dug the bart strike and is adding service with that in mine. tonight at 7:00 the c.h.p. will roll traffic brakes on i-80 approaching the bay bridge and san francisco and oakland, several ramps will close. the new bridge could open before it is scheduled at 5:00 a.m. on tuesday morning but caltran is saying do not count on it. after the new bridge opens the old span will be taken down
5:33 am
piece by piece. the chronicle reports that the first section to go is the dreaded s curve and officials say the old bay bridge gone in nine months but it is expected to take two years after that to take the foundation down to the mud line with some pieces kept for history but much will be recycled or sold for scrap. if you need help getting an during closure go to abc7 news come with a lost information including how all the major transit agencies are helping out. if you need to drive check out our abc7 news traffic app to get you an the worst bottlenecks. the san mateo and richmond richmond-san rafael will be busier than normal and we will notify you by twitter when the bridge opens. >> in fairly a fire ripped through a neighbor yesterday and officials tell abc7 news that at least 15 homes have been damaged
5:34 am
or destroyed in the fire. here is a look at the seen this morning and you can see the police tape still up and flames burned several homes there with fire crews there this morning checking for hotspots this morning and they found smoke coming from the attic of one home, and we were overhead shortly after the grass fire broke out along interstate 80 at 3:30 p.m. with 200 firefighters battling the flames which they had under control by 6:00. the cause of the fire is under investigation. here is a look at how quickly the fire destroyed one home at 4:20 year afternoon you can see as the flames start their destructive path through this house and every ten minutes, just a little bit worse and the roof disappearing until less than an hour later the house a shell and smoldering ruin. katie marzullo will have a report from the scene for us at the top of the hour. >> the sierra fire continues to
5:35 am
grow near yosemite national park and now is the 7th largest in california history. the fire has claimed 111 structures, up from 23 structures yesterday morning and burned more than were 184,000 acres and 20 percent contained. more than 4,000 firefighters are battling the blaze. the flames are headed deeper into the park net being two groves of sequoias. >> we are packed up. we can get out in five minutes. looking at where the fire is, it is not close. >> officials can see ash from the fire on the surface of the hetch hetchy reservoir which supplies water to 2.5 million people in the area the water quality has not changed and you do not have to worry about contamination because supplies are drawn from the bottom of the reservoir 260' down. >> we have new video to show you but it comes with a warning so
5:36 am
parparts this has to do with a shooting. this cell phone video captured the moment that antioch police shot a man to death. >> this happened yesterday afternoon near hillcrest avenue and wildfire drive after a chase through the city. a man lost control of the vehicle and crashed and brandished a weapon which touched off the chase. three high school students were on way home from a fishing trip that ended with a deadly crash smashing interest a tree on monday night in danville and 17-year-old robert orlando died and hers two friends are still in the on the and they are expecting to recover. the teens were to start the new school year at san ramon valley
5:37 am
high school. workers are inspecting trees at the state university after a student was killed by a falling branch while sitting on a bench under a large tree yesterday after a few-thick branch broke off, fell 20' and hit her in the head. she died at the hospital. the campus trees were inspected before the semester began. >> officials test a potential new provider for the tell emergency notification system near four chemical plants and refineries. the 178 was criticized after the chevron refinery fire when thousands of area residents were not notified promptly. the phone tests calls the residents living in the communities surrounding the chevron refinery, the shell refinery in martinez and the refinery in row day i don't and the dow chemical facility in pittsburg between 5:30 and 8:00 p.m. for the tests. the government is lifting a temporary ban on side-by-side
5:38 am
landings by foreign airlines at sfo. the f.a.a. noticed an increase in aborted landings at sfo a an instrument landing system was taken out of service in june for runway work. many foreign carriers rely on it. the system was off when asiana flight 214 crashed last month. the landing system new is back on-line. >> oakland city council man has decided not to run against marian the mayor say his daughter talked him out of the it while dropping her off at college in hawaii. she was concerned about his history of heart problems and wants him around to play with his grandparent. >> americans remembering it was 50 years ago today that dr. martin luther king jr. spoke "i have a dream," and changed the course of hit. the march on washington, dc for civil rights and dr. king's speech are commemorated in the
5:39 am
capitol. this is a picture from there where three presidents, including president obama, will be speaking this afternoon. in 1963, hundreds of thousands descended peacefully on washington to hear king's inspirational and galvanizing speech with the listen "let freedom ripping" observed at 3:00 eastern time by the ringing bells. >> breaking news from the southland, we have had self fires this week but this doesn't involve a grass fire but, instead, is a massive fire involving two warehouses in santa ana. >> it appears there are chemicals, hazardous material teams, on site, and we are hearing there have been some explosions and firefighters say this is an industrial complex so tonightly, no homes in the area right there in santa ana but
5:40 am
there are 100 firefighters, more than 100, trying to put this out. we will keep you informed since the chemicals have exploded. >> now the weather. >> we have low clouds this morning and how much mist and drizzle? mike nicco? >> firefighters are happy it is damp or moist. the wins are light around santa clara. temperature is running from 50 at woodside to 60 in san mateo and san bruno and menlo park and palo alto are 55 and redwood city is 57 and belmont is 59 and in foster city, 58 degrees for the first day of school for some folks. san jose is a reminder warmer area at 63 and antioch is 64 and concord and hayward 60, and san francisco and half moon bay at 57 degrees. temperatures running the home or up to six degrees warmer than yesterday so we will be mostly in the 50's to low 60's with the mist hanging and through 7:00.
5:41 am
we will see a lot of sunshine by noon and 78 inland and 68 away the bay and not so warm as it was yesterday, but,, 86 inland and 72 around the bay and 64 at the coast and everyone in the 60's in the evening but inland neighborhoods are in the mid-70's. tomorrow the pattern is stagnant. friday we get a brief bump in the temperatures and more cooling on sunday and monday the cool of the days in the forecast. we have that in the big weather but, any, a quick update were on the commute with leyla gulen. >> we have confusion, c.h.p. is not sure if this is a crash or a stalled vehicle but two vehicles are involved in the center divider, southbound 680, so if you are making the commute to pleasanton that is where you will find this and it could slow the commute down. so far, it is clear, what isn't too clear is 580, over the altamont pass, it is going to be
5:42 am
bumper-to-bumper traffic and slow-and-go traffic headed away from highway 84 to the dublin/pleasanton interchange. this san jose, southbound 880 define stevens creek and 280 is where we have construction crews and it will last until 6:00, so, for 15 more minutes. away from 17 you can see a clear drive with two extra cars making their commute northbound. the governor has a new way to reduce prison overcrowding. >> and hillary clinton is coming back to the bay area and you my have a chance to see
5:43 am
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>> covering san rafael, south bay, pleasanton and all bay area, this is abc7 news. >> 5:45 on wednesday. the governor is proposing $330 million plan to reduce prison overcrowding for two years helping to comply with a federal court order to reduce population by 10,000 inmates by end of the year releasing jail cells and rather than releasing inmates in custody. they ordered the reduction after
5:46 am
it found health care at the prisons was so poor it violated prisoner rights. democratic state senators oppose the plan and will propose their own competing solution later today. >> hillary clinton will return to the bay area in november. the chronicle reports the form first lady and secretary of state will be here for a benefit for the clinton foundation. tickets start at $150 and she will speak to the national real estate association and young voters under 30. she could be a possible presidential candidate in 2016. >> and the bay bridge is a candidate for fog. again. >> big time. probably san mateo, too, and gonna, absolutely, and san rafael, probably, and dumb dutch, -- dumbarton, not is were. it is back to school for folks in foster city and san mateo, it
5:47 am
will be cloudy and 59. this afternoon about 75. have a great year at school. tracking the fog this morning. half mile visibility in santa rosa and three-quarters of a mile at half moon bay and everyone else is not saying it is foggy but we have low ceiling. you can drive into the cloud cover if you are above a couple hundred feet. hard to see the ferry building and the bay bridge that are a mile away. we have a very good sun angle this time of the year and we will be sunny but the coast by noon and we will have slightly cooler air mass today. mild weather through friday. that weekend, yes, mostly without summer warmth as we put summer to rest. it is still warm here, though, in september and october. 80 in san jose and cupertino and upper 70's for the rest of the
5:48 am
santa clara valley and los gatos and gilroy lead the charge to warmer weather and mid-to-upper 80's. and 74 in making yes to -- in san mateo and mid-to-upper 60's along the coast today to downtown san francisco. south san francisco, too, 68. and 70's in sausalito and the beaches, 62 in bodega bay and 20 degrees warmer in the valleys and low-to-mid 70's everywhere. mid-to-upper 80's in the east bay valley. cloud cover is more wide-spread and maybe not so juicy as this morning and temperatures in the mid-50's and upper 50's to low 60's for the rest of us. weak cool front, a cooler air mass on the sea breeze today. when we get beyond thursday and friday look at the trough of low pressure dropping 5- to 10-degrees by sunday and monday. leyla gulen? >> we have a highway closing
5:49 am
along highway 116 so if you are traveling right here at lone pine road we have a down power poll and that will be block off for the next few hours and there is no estimated time of re-open ing. you can see the area shaded in on, and according to our wazers there is a lot of fog, and the area extended to the south so all along 101 you will want to be careful and the app will be helpful when the bay bridge closes and this is the toll plaza where the cash-paying lanes are loaded up from emeryville to san francisco and fast track lanes are moving just fine. >> the new bay bridge pan is not open and there is a big debate of what to do with a special part of the span. this is video.
5:50 am
few people know on the not side is a troll that was welded on the bridge by workers as a good luck charm after the 1989 earthquake and if you want to see it up close the oakland museum of california has a exact copy made from the same cast. >> we are helping you negotiate or navigate the upcoming commuter nightmare when the bay bridge closes through the smartphone traffic app using data from thousands of smart phones to tell when one bridge is backing up and will reroute you to another. it could not be easier. >> turn on and drive. you do not have to report anything. we can tell the speeds on each of the routes in real time. >> there is a special page for the closure with a learn on our website at >> at 6:00 a.m., the california school district that will now monitor students on social media
5:51 am
and reason it says this has to happen. >> next, the major benefit workers will soon receive from the large of the retailer for gays
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5:53 am
>> a mayor has received disappointing news in an effort to receive the historic post office in berkeley was turned down. the postal commission rejected
5:54 am
the appeal and will close the willing so the sale can proceed. protests have camped out in front of the post office hoping to convince the postal service not to sell the property. >> starting next year wal-mart will offer same-sex marriage partner benefits to employees, the single biggest employer in the united states outside the federal government. starting in 2014 they will offer mel, dental, vision, life, critical illness and accident plans to same and opposite sex spouses and domestic partners. the move comes after the supreme court ruling in june allowing the federal government to recognize same-sex marriages. >> the last day to drive the the eastern span of the bay bridge. ought fog is encroaching on sausalito as we look to the south from mount tamalpais this morning. changing the air mass in some areas and concord is two degree cooler and oakland is he and san francisco and santa rosa 83 and sixeg coolerand fronand san jose
5:55 am
as yesterday and up to tuolumne we have an air quality warning through at least noon today and because of the thick smoke and we have the dense smoke advisory through the sierra to south lake tahoe because of the air also. it will be quiet thunderstorm-wise no matter where you are traveling around the state. >> we have a report of a stalled vehicle which is over the altamont pass, and westbound side of 580 and if you are traveling along the westbound direction that is where we have a utility truck blocking one lane and you request see the red is packed bumper-to-bumper traffic from tracy and we have a 45 minute commute to dublin. lucas tremendous valley you can see northbound 238 building significantly and at the nimitz headed in the southbound direction we have a hit-and-run accident blocking one lane. >> governor brown will decide whether to sign a controversial
5:56 am
bill to increase access to abortions by allowing more medical professionals to perform certain procedures. our media partner the san jose mercury news reports that the bill would let nurse practitioners, certified nurse mid-wives and physician assistants perform the most common type of abortion, and the state assembly passed the bill in may. the assembly will vote on the amendments before the bill reaches the governor's deck. >> a firm court decided not to block a california law that bans shark fins, which makes the sale trade and possession of shark fins illegal. business groups challenged the law arguing that the ban wind natures against chinese americans because shark fin is a popular chinese sow ingredient. the ban supporters say 73 million sharks are killed each year for their fins. >> word of advise to work lovers, long work weeks are unhealthy beyond 50 hours where
5:57 am
workers develop a higher legal of depression and more physical problems mostly because of skipping meals. employees say time spent working is time spent earning and the cost of not working is greater financially and emotionally. >> the bay area city that could soon consider its own ban on sugary drinks but, first, the the in fairfield, a huge fire sweeps an entire neighbor and we are learning the damage is worst than first thought. >> "new york times" website is hacked. new details this morning on how it all happened.
5:58 am
5:59 am
live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. take a look at old and the new eastern span of the bay bridge,
6:00 am
a look at 13 hours away in emeryville camera. >> fast moving flames in fairfield and several homes are damaged and destroyed and we are learning the impact is wider than first thought. celebrating 50 years of civil rights history honoring the the on washington, dc. there is a high profile guest list for the event. >> good morning at 6:00 on wednesday. mike nicco is here with a look at the forecast. still tracking fog, minor improvement in napa and half mile in santa rosa and the rest of us have a low ceiling this morning, and flight arrival delays are likely. we will watch it. the next 12 hours around the bay are foggy and misty and
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